Becoming A Part Of An Ensemble – A Look Back

If you have thoughts about becoming a part of an ensemble, be advised you will have a challenging road ahead. If it were easy, everyone would accomplish it. Some people who decide to join an ensemble end up not really doing it. You have already asked yourself: “Are you passionate about music?” Honestly, you have […]

Understanding Music Terminology – A Look Back

If you have had thoughts about understanding music terminology, you should expect a tough road ahead. If this were effortless, everybody would accomplish it. A lot of people who choose to learn music terminology end up not really doing it. So, what exactly do we know? Basically we know understanding music terminology is no effortless […]

Knowing The Different Genres Of Music – A Look Back

Knowing the different genres of music is an ambition which several folks have in life,  because it’s the most demanding challenge that a person can face. And because of this, too many individuals who decide to learn about the genres of music give up before they even get started. With that said, what exactly do […]

Play Your Song On the Radio

Getting Your Song Played On The Radio – A Look Back

In the event you have been thinking about getting your song played on the radio, be advised you should expect a life-changing road ahead. If it were effortless, anybody would achieve it. Many individuals who choose to let everyone hear your song end up not really following through. Ask yourself again: Are you writing your […]